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Destination weddings in a tropical location are always lots of fun and creating destination wedding invitations can be a lot of fun too. Beach wedding invitations have become very popular, but it is still difficult to find a lot of helpful information online as there tends to be a lot more planning tools available for planning weddings locally. There are three things you should consider when creating your beach wedding invitations: how to set a beach themed tone, what to include in the wedding invitation wording, and additional print information required for a destination wedding invitation.

Beach wedding invitations usually use soft colors to represent colors of the beach such as turquoise, tiffany, light blues or light sandy colors. Incorporating these colors into your wedding invitation will help set the tone for your beach wedding. You can also consider printing an element of the beach on your wedding card such as a palm tree or a starfish as a focal point. This item can be printed on the cover of your invitations, or as a watermark behind the wedding invitation wording. Alternatively, if you have a nice photo of the resort that you will be getting married at, you can include a printed photo of the resort on your wedding invitations. This will get your guests excited about booking the resort! If you can find beach related embellishments such as starfish brooches to include on your beach wedding invitations those can help to create a more formal feel to your destination wedding.

The wedding invitation wording should also reflect your beach wedding. Some brides like to add a short poem at the top of the wedding invitation wording to let their guests know right away that it will be a wedding on the beach. Below are some invitation sample wordings to introduce a beach wedding:

With our hearts filled with love
And the sand beneath our feet
We will say I do and forever fuse two hearts as one.

Two words with the power to change forever
Whispered lovingly as waves crash at our feet
Your presence will make our joy complete.

They say that true love can outlast the sands of time
And we certainly hope that is true
But even a romantic sunset wedding, won’t be complete without you.

With the sun in our hair and the sea at our backs
Will you join us as we begin our wedded bliss?

Once you have completed your beach invitation wording, you should consider the additional printing you will require to provide information for your guests. A travel information card is usually required for a beach wedding invitation. This card will provide your guests with your travel agent’s information and provide them directions to book the vacation. You should include an additional information card to write special notes and reminders to the guests. For example, you can let them know what they should pack, the wedding schedule or wedding related activities going on, and the dress code for the wedding reception.