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A baptism is the first sacrament of the Christian church. Catholicism practices infant baptism which allows the baby to be a member of Christ and is officially incorporated into the Church. Celebrating the most important events in life such as a baptism by a personalized invitation or announcement truly makes it one worth remembering.

When to order Baptism Invitations

Baby baptism invitations are usually done just a few months after the baby is born when the parents decide to have their baby baptized. Baptism invitations are also known as baby christening invitations. Baptism invitations usually require a faster turnaround time because the baptism is planned quite quickly. In addition, parents do not send out baptism invitations until they realize the number of people they want to invite to this momentous event.

Baptism invitations are usually created in colours to reflect the sex of the baby. Light pinks, light blues, yellows, lilacs and greens are all very popular colours for baptism invites. One suggestion is to incorporate colour using ribbon. Try positioninga couple o f ribbons so that they look like a cross on the invitation. If you choose this design, the baptism invitation wording must be condensed and positioned correctly so that it can fit onto the card.

Baptism Invitation Wording

The information printed on a baptism invitation is similar to what is printed on a wedding invitation. It includes the baby’s name, the date of the event, the time and place of the baptism, and the location and time of the reception following the baptism. Lastly, the names of the parents are usually printed at the bottom of the baptism invitation card as the hosts of the occasion.

It is usually a nice and elegant touch to print a cross on the baptism invitation. The cross can be a watermark behind the invitation wording, or a solid image above the baptism invitation wording. If there is space, a heartwarming phrase such as “This precious gift from heaven above will be welcomed into Christ’s family with love.” can be printed at the top of the invitation. When choosing font styles for the baptism invitation wording, it is important to choose something legible and clear for the body text. For the baby’s name, you can choose a font that is cute and sweet or more formal and scripted, whichever best suits the occasion.

Photo Baptism Invitations

Many parents like to include a photo of their baby on the baptism invitation. It is a nice way to introduce your baby for those who have not come by to visit yet! The photo can either be printed as a faded watermark image behind the invitation wording or it can shrunken to fit at the top or bottom of the invitation card. Consider using some custom graphics on the baptism invitation to frame the picture and more colour to the invitation.