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Celebrating your baby’s baptism is a wonderful event which is usually shared by families and friends. Once the date is set the baptism invitations are quickly printed and mailed to all loved ones. Baptism invitations often feature religious imagery to showcase the spiritual significance of the event to friends and family. Try putting a watermark of a cross or other religious symbol behind the wording of the baptism invitation to bring in a little colour and create a more custom baptism invitation. Many parents are unsure of how to write the text of the baptism invitations. Below are some sample baptism invitation wordings.

This precious gift from heaven above
will be welcomed into Christ’s family with love
You are invited to share in the Baptism of
Micayla Wong
daughter of Stephanie and Tyson
on Sunday, November fourteenth
Two thousand and eleven
at 3 o’clock in the afternoon
First United Church
100 King Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Celebration to follow at
Stephita Restaurant
8000 Yonge Street
Thornhill, Ontario

Please join us for the
Baptism of our son
on Sunday, the fourth of October
two thousand and eleven
at one thirty in the afternoon
First Angelican Church
100 Churchill Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Reception to follow at three o’clock
The Famous Banquet Hall
66 Holly Drive
Stacey & Dino Waverly

Harry and Sally Davidson invite you to the baptism of their son
David Leo
Godson to Amber and Albert Jamison
Saturday, December twenty-sixth
Two thousand and eleven
at two thirty in the afternoon
All Saints Orthodox Church
28 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
Reception to follow at six o’clock in the evening
The Mansion
66 Holly Drive

This precious gift from heaven above
will be welcomed into Christ's family with love
You are invited to attend the
baptism of our son
Lucas Wong
on Sunday, June fifth
Two thousand and eleven
at three o’clock in the afternoon
Saint Johns Catholic Church
66 Holly Drive
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Stephanie and Tyson Wong